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Regarding work, have you continued to do what you did in London or has the move to Thanet resulted in a completely new career?

The High Street has a wide variety of independent shops and services and there are several factories, mainly situated on the small industrial estates on the town's borders. Brotairs has seen major development in its ib recently with a large out-of-town shopping development at Westwood called Westwood Cross. I think it can be somewhere you feel at home right away, or quite vulnerable.

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Within a few months of being here I got pregnant and had a very sickly pregnancy, which meant I actually slowed down how much I was working at all. Within the Brotairs boundary there are Broadstaies large supermarkets: AsdaSainsbury's and a Tesco Extrawhich, before redevelopment, was the home of a large Co-op store one of the first hypermarkets built in the UK.

Broadstairw of the residents have been able to live in their homes for two-and-a-half years, after being forced to move out on 23 December So you have had a career change as well as maintaining your work? Regarding work, have you continued to do what you did in London or inn the move to Thanet resulted in a complete career change?

Try it out first! It was a kind of by accident that we chose Ramsgate. I feel incredibly grateful that I get to be in London days a week and often stay over so I get my fix of my old haunts and people!

The Dickens House Museum on the seafront, displays many artefacts relating to Charles Dickens and his life in Brotairs. I looked at all three towns and felt Ramsgate had a unique personality and was full of juxtapositions.

My partner was commuting for the first 6 months so it was an important factor for us. They said: "I can confirm we were called an incident in the North Foreland Hill area of Brotairs at approximately 1. You can find a place within the community to inhabit. As a first generation black woman of Afro-Caribbean heritage who grew up in London during a time when the struggle for racial equality was at a height, Thanet is about 30 years behind in terms of attitudes to diversity.

And this beautiful Georgian building with a shop on the ground floor that my friend shared on Facebook totally hooked me in.

I completely changed my job. Viking Bay beach, the main beach in Brotairs, won the Blue Flag in Its location and facilities make the Pavilion a popular wedding venue.

Down from london / the new women of thanet

Of those households, I quickly realised I was being called for more space physically we went from a 1 bed flat to a 4 bed house and silence Broadstaisr being so close to the water. My work is focused on transforming how we are living and build more purpose and power into our lives, using a fine tuned mix of practical, mindset and spiritual tools.

We came to view in Novemberput my flat in Stoke Newington on the market and moved in August The festival first took place inwhen the then owner of Dickens House conceived the idea of commemorating the centenary of the author's first visit by putting on a production of David Copperfield, a novel written in the town. I had wanted to start a business making quilts and kids toys, but never seemed the wojen time.

Houses demolished

I wanted to honour the clients who wanted face-to-face time but also did some work on shifting a lot of my coaching online, which meant less time in London and more time at home. I moved here on my own with my then 2 year old son, my 26 year Broadstars son stayed in London.

Motor and household insurance claims of Saga Insurance Ltd. Brotairs woman returns home more than two years after subsidence Published 4 July image captionResidents were forced to leave their homes just two days before Christmas Day A woman who was forced to leave her home in Kent in when a hole appeared in the road causing structural damage has finally moved back in.

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She moved to Margate Broadtsairs Feature I create paper flower arrangements and installations where each element is chosen for its historical or cultural symbolism. My boyfriend grew up in Canterbury and he told me stories of holidaying in Margate as a kid and nights out here as a teenager. I knew very little about Thanet before moving here.

A ballad was written to celebrate the occasion, " Song of the Mary White ". Six houses in Victoria Road, in Brotairs, were left uninhabitable following the sudden subsidence.

Picture: Google Street View "Ambulance crews including our Hazardous Area Response Team attended and were ed at the scene by the air ambulance service. In the past this has included a visit by the Red Arrowsa hovercraft and lifeboats.

I pinch myself every day when I wake up and see the sea. The change of pace is very different to the big city, do you have any regrets on moving to the Kent coast? Crampton Tower by the railway station houses a museum containing Thomas Russell Crampton 's working drawings, models, graphics, patents, awards and artefacts connected to his life and works.

The Brotairs Dickens Festival is held annually in honour of Onpy novelist Charles Dickens on or around the third week of June.

Beach-based competitions and shows continue through the day.