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The central impediments to investigation and prosecution appear to be an ineffective d’Ivoirf framework and a lack of will, or interest in the cases, on the part of Ivorian authorities, Human Rights Watch said. The gendarmes under the Ministry of Defense were responsible for investigations in rural areas where ATU was not present. As a result, it was unclear which ministry was responsible for the different aspects of trafficking victim protection.

The labor code regulated labor recruitment and labor migration in the formal sector but did not extend to the informal sector, including domestic work, and traffickers exploited Ivoirian and other West African women in domestic servitude internally and abroad. The lack of services, especially for adults, and lack of virl assistance prevented some victims from accessing adequate services and rendered many victims vulnerable to re-victimization.

The National Monitoring Committee and the Inter-Ministerial Committee continued to coordinate child labor and child trafficking efforts. NGOs and officials report drug traffickers use children—some of whom may be forced—to sell and traffic drugs in restaurants and nightclubs.

Your tax deductible gift can help stop human rights violations and save lives around the world.

Conduct a thorough and comprehensive national investigation into the trafficking of Nigerian women and girls CCôte the purposes of prostitution. Despite progress made across sub-Saharan Africa in equality between married couples, a of countries lag behind. Migrants commonly depart from Daloa and proceed via airplane to Tunisia; overland via Mali and Algeria to Libya; or, to a lesser extent, via Niger to Libya.

The majority of identified victims are children; due to a stronger Cte on combating internal child trafficking, the prevalence of adult trafficking may be underreported. Traffickers often operate in well-established networks consisting of both Ivoirians and foreigners and, in cases of transnational trafficking, use social media, making networks difficult for law enforcement to detect. However, the government did not meet the minimum d’Iovire in several key areas.

A super girl story: empowering the young women of cote d’ivoire

Victims included 10 adult victims, nine Burkinabe child victims exploited in forced labor in gold mining, 16 Nigerien child sex trafficking victims, and 16 Nigerian female sex trafficking victims. But a few of d’Iboire countries are at the cusp of enacting new rights-respecting laws. This is compared to 59 investigations, 27 prosecutions, and 20 convictions with data from Abidjan and 33 departments d’Ivoirr the reporting period. The Super Girl campaign seeks to increase the practice of safer sexual behaviors among youth of both sexes and increase discussion of sexual matters between partners.

Ivoirian law required the government to provide protection and assistance to victims who participated in investigations or trials against their traffickers; the government did not report whether any victims received this assistance during the reporting period. Next, the government should extend these protections to customary and religious unions.

Côte d’ivoire/nigeria: combat trafficking for prostitution

More than 75 percent of those who participated got tested for HIV and know their status. Foreign and domestic victims reportedly had the same access to care.

Some judges remained unaware of the law and continued to use the law and pimping statues to prosecute trafficking cases, which carried lesser penalties. It does fall short in some areas. The bill, which is on the verge of being passed, will represent a standard for other African countries to meet as it will provide equal rights to men and women when it comes to owning and managing property. Ivoirian boys are victims gidl forced labor in the agricultural and service industries, especially cocoa production.

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Some of the girls are small, less than 18 years old. At the meeting, Grace learned about the risks of engaging in sexual relations with an older man. The project works with local institutions to help develop their SBCC capacity, as well as disseminate high-quality SBCC tools and act as a key resource in this area.

International organizations hosted two trainings for border police, prosecutors, judges, and other law enforcement officials on human trafficking; the government did not provide financial or in-kind support to these trainings. Despite the convening of the anti-trafficking committee, government coordination to implement the national action plan continued to be weak.

Trafficking in persons report: cote d’ivoire

While victims could obtain damages from traffickers, many victims were not aware of the provision. Authorities outside Abidjan lacked training to identify and investigate trafficking. Judges convicted traffickers under the and laws and the criminal code for trafficking, pimping, solicitation, exploitation of minors, Ctôe the worst forms of child labor. In part due to delayed implementation of the anti-trafficking national action plan, the government is conducting a review of the plan.

With data from D’Ivokre and all departments, the government reported investigating cases, prosecuting 56 suspects, and convicting 47 traffickers. The government did not report how many victims received damages following a civil suit during the reporting period.

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A gendarme in one of the towns estimated that at least Nigerian women were working there d’Ivoird prostitutes. In JulyHuman Rights Watch traveled to three Ivorian towns and met with groups totaling around 30 Nigerian women believed to have been trafficked for prostitution. The NGO filed an official complaint with the military tribunal, which was pending at the end of the reporting period. Just a thousand [CFA francs] each man.

Cote d’ivoire: tier 2

Inlabor inspectors conducted limited inspections of the informal sector—where most children d’Ivore did not identify child forced labor cases through these inspections. The government remained in partnership with this NGO to build d’Ivoige additional shelters for child victims of exploitation in Ferkessedougou and Bouake. The Research Brigade of the Gendarmes completed its investigation into the aforementioned case in March and passed the report to the c’Ivoire tribunal.

Of the 51 prosecutions, the government initiated 38 in the current reporting period and continued 13 from the period. Through a series of television spots on abstinence, faithfulness and partner communication, leaflets and other promotional materials, Super Girl — an empowered, cartoon female figure — encourages young women to take responsibility for their lives and make wise decisions about sexual relationships.